Karen Hallis: Professional Organizer, Professional Coach, & Attorney, serving Seattle & amp; Bainbridge Island.What happens when you combine a lawyer, a certified professional coach and an organizer? You get Karen Hallis of Organized Change, who can help you:

  • Sell your home by removing objects to make your home more spacious, welcoming and inviting.
  • Clear out a family home after a significant life event (death, move to assisted living, or other change).
  • Sort through clutter to sell or donate items.
  • Organize your pantry so that you know what you have and use it.
  • Organize your receipts, statements and documents for an audit.
  • Create a workable plan for taking care of relatives with whole family agreement.
  • Organize yourself and build a life of thriving rather than surviving.

Karen Hallis, JD, CPC combines all of her skills to organize people, places, spaces and stuff.

She combines more than three decades of experience to help her clients face stressful situations and weed through stuff, patterns and habits to reclaim their homes and lives.

Karen’s unique skill sets allow her to look at a space (home, office, studio, garage, barn, to name a few) and see stuck areas. Clients tell her what they want from the space, and together they make a plan to reach stated goals.. Situations change, and Karen shifts with the circumstances to create the desired outcomes. Situations can get complicated, and Karen’s mediation skills come in handy to help clients clear their minds of mental clutter and remember the desired outcome. When situations are governed by a timeline, Karen organizes the project on a weekly basis so that clients can measure their progress and work steadily to complete the process before deadlines.

Thank you for visiting karenhallis.com. If you have questions about Karen, her services or the process of decluttering, please contact her.

Karen serves Seattle and Bellevue in King County, plus Bainbridge Island and more in Kitsap County.