Business back story:

Karen Hallis: Home Organizer, Life Coach, and Lawyer, , serving Bainbridge Island & amp; Seattle.Karen started organizing at 5. Attempting to create order, her first project was a sock drawer.

She started mediating teen disputes at age 15. Some contacted her and reported that they sorted through their lives and made changes to reflect chosen values and beliefs.

Karen opened her cleaning and organizing business at age 16. She cleaned and organized neighbors’ homes. The driving force was her intense desire to create calm and order.

Education and Training:

  • BS from UC Davis with a self-created degree in Biology and Communications (1980s)
  • JD from Santa Clara University School of Law (1990s)
  • CPC from the Academy for Coach Training (2001)

Karen’s career generated a wide variety of skills. After analyzing her work in the environmental field, child welfare, teaching, dispute resolution (including litigation) and organizing, she identified a pattern. Whether she worked as an attorney, an organizer, a coach or an adjunct professor, she:

  • Listened to people,
  • Moved stuff around and
  • Helped people clean up messes.

Guiding principles:

Karen runs her business with her ethics and personal values in mind at all times.  She approaches each situation with curiosity, openness, and nonjudgment. She respectfully listens to clients, seeking to get at what’s not working and what’s in the way. Once clients look at and handle their stuff, they turn to their schedules and commitments. Reflection leads to considering their schedules, choices, actions and thoughts. This work organizes people from the inside-out and the outside-in.

Karen's skills as Professional Organizer and Life Coach are available in Bainbridge Island, Bellevue and Seattle.