Selling your home? Downsizing? Decluttering? Minimalism is a great idea, but it’s hard to accomplish with a family, pets, jobs and busy lives. Learn tips and tricks to help you plan your project. Karen’s stories bring the process into your living room and make it real.

Is Your Home Making You Sick? Problem – Solution.

Is your roof leaking? Repair it or install a new one. Have a muddy mess in your back yard? Hire a professional to determine the source of the leak and fix it. Is your cat and/or dog scratching a lot?  A vet recommends medication. Your laptop blinks and your data disappears. Now what?

Are solutions always straightforward?


Problems can be complicated. Typical fixes fail. You spin in a never-ending cycle.

How do you start moving forward?

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If you say “yes” to something, then you say “no” to something else.

How do you decide to do something – say yes to it?

Do you consider your values and how the activity fits with them? The activity’s aspects (research/prep, meetings, commuting, actions/tasks, interpersonal relations, organization/structure, mental/emotional “time,” etc.) and what they’ll cost you?

What if you first analyze what you give up when you say yes?

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Organizing Unwanted VisitorsOnce a person has reached the Moment of Change, the next question is “what’s next?”

Whether it’s the smell, “droppings,” chewed wires and/or nests, rodent activity in your home, garage, boat or car is ick.

This post is about the process of dealing with rodents. I’m not a rodent removal specialist so can’t tell you the actuals steps to get rid of mice, rats, voles and shrews.

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Is Your Home Making You Sick?Once a person has reached the Moment of Change, the next question is “what’s next?”

Several years ago, someone told me her house was making her sick.

Not in those exact words, but the meaning was clear.

When she left her home, she felt different in about an hour. When she returned, within an hour, she felt “off.” This pattern was clear. It got worse with seasons and temperature fluctuations.

Family members complained of feeling sick too. The pets had medical problems.

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