Organizing Steps

Start - Stuck - Figure It outOnce a person has reached the Moment of Change, the next question is “what’s next?”

After reading hundreds of books and testing various formulas, I’ve realized each person has to figure out what works for her. We are from different cultures, unique family systems, various geographies, life experiences and vastly varied current circumstances.

Watching clients craft their own formulas to organize their homes, offices, barns, storage sheds, studios and garages, revealed three steps.

The only way to get started is to Start.
The only way to know that you’re missing some information is to Get Stuck.
The only way to learn that new information is to Figure It Out.

To Start, do something. That first step creates momentum that each successive action builds on. This movement eventually create its own energy.

The initial action can be as simple as taking out the garbage already sitting in a can. After taking out the garbage, take out the recycling (already in a recycling bin). After that, make a pass through your space with empty bags for garbage and recycling. Haul full bags out to the dumpsters.

After acknowledging your success, move on. What you do next depends on how you feel in that moment. Getting started with an organizing project is a moment-by-moment endeavor. As you work thought all of the steps, you’ll feel freer and freer.

You may reach a point of feeling Stuck. Stop. Do you know this wall? Have hit it before and made different attempts to scale or knock it down?

Addressing prior attempts helps you move past Stuck. Draw pictures, make mind maps, lists, diagrams or notes on 3x5 cards. These 3x5 cards are useful when you lay them out to view them as a whole and then move individual cards around when connecting events, mindsets and habits.

Does describing prior organizing attempted reveal information about why you’re stuck now? How did you feel then? Now? Did you feel this way as a child? How did your caregivers approach organizing and cleaning?

Once you piece together your current organizing attempts’ origins, you can begin to change your actions to fit what you want now, in this moment.

After you Figure It Out, the missing gaps and pieces of information in your stories about organizing, you can build new organizing systems.

At this point, you can move out of the way and your systems develop their own movement. Organizing morphs from a chore to a vibrant process.

Your space is your safe haven. How it got to its current condition is probably complicated. The only way to change your current reality is to feel enough pain and desperation to motivate you to complete the first step. If you can’t figure out how to Start, take out the garbage.

This blog was researched, written and edited by Karen Hallis. She is an organizer and certified professional coach. She uses her attorney skills in her work with clients to help them change their circumstances involving homes, businesses, estates and conflict. Call or contact Karen for a complimentary conversation about working together.