Selling your home? Downsizing? Decluttering? Minimalism is a great idea, but it’s hard to accomplish with a family, pets, jobs and busy lives. Learn tips and tricks to help you plan your project. Karen’s stories bring the process into your living room and make it real.

UsefulSo many blogs and so little time.

You don’t want to waste your time. I get it. Completely. When your cell, landline and office lines ring simultaneously, everything else disappears. People need your attention. You make decisions, some are life-and-death and some are not. All of them are important.

I finally return to writing. I’m different, and so is my writing. I went through a lot between 2009-Jan 2017, and, at least for now, believe that I come out of the tunnel of darkness and despair.

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BreatheI had a plan and a schedule for blogging. I had a plan for my business with clear goals and schedules. We do that, don’t we? We talk to someone or read an article and make plans to change everything that’s bugging us. We set goals and make schedules that are designed to help us surpass those goals. We get started, knowing that life will change and it’s going to be great.

And then Life Happens.

A Significant Life Event changes your life in an instant.

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From a former project:

Seattle Home OrganizationThe house sat. Waiting. Wondering.

All of the heartbeats – humans, companion animals – were silent. The order and chaos of daily life was gone: alarms, meals, rushing, leaving, returning, walking, napping, playing, barking, voices, meows, sitting, sleeping.

Objects abandoned in mid-actions were scattered in unfamiliar locations.  Some were overturned and communicated change.

The house sat. Waiting.

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From a former project:

King County Home OrganizerThe crumpled paper bag on the desk pulled at her.

The woman looked at the bag and took a deep breath. She was determined that her home, in six months, would be spacious, calm and inviting. She would invite friends for dinner. She would host her book group here.

She wanted to sit in her favorite chair, put her feet up and enjoy her home. No more anxiety. No more shame. And enough with the hyperventilating. She was sick of it. “I can do this. My stuff does not rule my life. I will clear this clutter without all the internal commentary.”

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