Home & Office Organization

Home & Office Organization Whether you want your home organized to create more beauty, spaciousness and ease, or to organize your home office for functionality, productivity and clarity, Karen listens to her clients and helps them clear out what’s in the way and create more of what they want.

Legal Events

Legal Events Whether a person is facing a lawsuit, an audit or some other event, Karen helps clients get their documents organized, their minds clear and focused and their presentation (speaking manner and physical appearance) crisp and appropriate for this challenge. She uses her litigation skills to help her clients succeed, regardless of the final outcome.

Significant Life Events

Significant Life Events Whether you are selling your home due to choosing to downsize or are forced to move due to illness or a death in the family, Karen supports clients as they make difficult decisions about homes and stuff in them. Karen helps them clear out their homes with organizing plans in mind to eliminate confusion and stress. Karen tracks interests of people involved and works to prevent misunderstandings that can come up during these difficult times. Her mediation skills come in handy.

Extreme Circumstances

Extreme Circumstances Karen has worked with people who exhibit hoarding behavior and other complicated situations. She takes these clients after talking with them and establishing a workable plan, taking into account their work with other professionals.
Please contact Karen for professional help with organizing your home, life and papers in Seattle, Bellevue, Bainbridge Island, or anywhere in King County or Kitsap County.